About Us

“You wanna know who we are?

I’ll tell you: we’re the type of hard-working folks who want to do kick-ass work, have a laugh every so often, and keep our clients super happy.

Kinda like you.

It all started with a customizable HVAC newsletter.

And then contractors started asking us for logos and brochures.  Van wraps and websites.  Help with marketing strategy and the occasional marital advice. Suddenly we weren’t just a newsletter company anymore.

We grew and so did our clients.

The good, the bad, and the HVAC.

Over the past 20+ years in business, we’ve experienced explosive growth and weathered wicked economic downturns.  We’ve made more trips to dealer meetings than we have to see our own mothers. We survived a vicious cyber hack in 2017 and came out stronger, a hell of a lot wiser, super pissed off, and exponentially more secure because of it.  Somewhere along the way we realized the importance of education and started developing marketing classes and resources for contractors.

And then we CHANGEd

We watched everything around us – the industry, the technology, the homeowners – change, and knew it was time.  We’d invested in training and expanded our staff.  We didn’t recognize ourselves anymore. We’d outgrown our old identity.  We accomplished a lot and had a blast as EB&L Marketing.  But a wise man once said, “Progress is impossible without change.”  Or something deep like that.