Are You Asking Your Old Dog Of A Website To Learn New Tricks?

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Are You Asking Your Old Dog Of A Website To Learn New Tricks?

Wow, the web world changes fast.

A few years ago (or maybe more than a few?) you purchased a website for your HVAC business.  “My company is on the web” you thought, “My work is done!”

Um, well, not really.  Just like computers, cars, sneakers, and furnaces, websites need to be replaced every so often.  The technology that builds websites ages and becomes out of date.  This limits your ability to sell to, earn, and keep customers online.

So how do you know if your HVAC website is outdated?

Here’s some clues that it may be time for a website upgrade.

  • Your website is slow. Old programming on a website prevents the site from moving at a normal speed.
  • It was built more than 5 years ago.  Technology changes quickly.   An HVAC company having a 5-year-old website is like a homeowner using a 20-year-old furnace.
  • Your website has a lot of white space on the left and right of the homepage.  This means your website was built for old monitors that used to be square.  You need a landscape design to fit modern screens.
  • You have new branding.  New branding always means a new website design if it is to be appropriately supported.
  • You offer more or different services than you did when the site was built.
  • It breaks a lot.  Websites fail just like anything else, but if your site seems to have constant issues, it’s likely time for an upgrade.  (I bet you say this to your customers all the time when it comes to their HVAC systems!)
  • You want your site to have modern services like chat, video, and online appointment booking, but your web company says it can’t support it.  Old sites don’t get along well with new features
  • It’s not secure. Hackers love finding older sites with outdated security protocols.  It’s like leaving the door unlocked.
  • It’s ugly.  Enough said.  Years ago, graphic designers were limited to what they can do to make a site visually appealing.  The web is a pretty place now.

Generally speaking, it’s best if you plan to replace your website’s design and programming every 4-5 years, depending on the needs of your local market.

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  Jeannie Steinbuch, Digital Sorceress

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