Let CHANGE HVAC help guide your distribution to the next level of brand awareness and dealer participation

Resources for distributors:

  • Marketing Education for TMs and Dealers
  • Speakers for Dealer Meetings and Breakout Sessions
  • Regional Dealer Locator Websites
  • Turnkey Marketing Catalogues: customized with your distributor logo
  • Turnkey Marketing Packages and Sign-up Forms

Resources for your dealer:

  • Turnkey, Cost Effective Marketing Tools (pre-approved for co-op)
  • Website Templates: professional, functional and inexpensive
  • Product Connection (product content for their existing websites)
  • Marketing Education for Dealers
  • Custom Marketing Consultations

Consumer Indifference

Yep, that’s the biggest challenge facing the HVAC industry today. Let’s be honest – granite countertops and home automation are a lot more exciting to the average homeowner than air filters and heating coils. Here’s how we can help.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

To build brand awareness a distributor must deliver a strong, relevant message across multiple advertising outlets. We have proven techniques that increase your profile in your marketplace while adding value to your dealer’s association with your brand.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

What’s the use of a marketing program without measuring its performance? CHANGE HVAC will provide reporting that will supply an exact analysis on how your advertising is tracking. Using this information we can adjust your campaign as needed to assure optimal performance.

Dealer Incentive Programs

Build customer loyalty through the creative disbursement of marketing funds, incentives and support. CHANGE HVAC can help your distributorship build a solid program that will help build loyal brand evangelists!

Dealer Marketing Consultations

There are a lot of advertising options available to your dealers. Picking the right ones to help promote their businesses can often times be challenging. CHANGE HVAC offers individual dealer consultation services. These sessions educate your dealers on how to build the right marketing message and how to target an audience looking specifically for HVAC related services.

Dealer Recruitment

Need help bringing on a reluctant dealer? Bring CHANGE HVAC in to show them the services that you will be providing them.