Have a FER-tastic Fall!

Have a FER-tastic Fall!

After the July fireworks, HVAC contractors went back to work with a new standard in place.  The Department of Energy’s FER (Fan Energy Rating) standard went into effect on July 3rd.

So how will you market these higher priced products to homeowners who are already gripping about system costs?

You get out ahead of it!

How do you do that?  You educate.

Education is how you differentiate yourself from the pack.

And the FER standard gives you a golden opportunity to enlighten your customers on what this new Federal law means to them in terms of efficiency.  And yes, efficiency costs money, but saves in end.

Consider printing up a small brochure or flyer outlining the purpose of FER, and the benefits to the homeowner, in terms of lower operating costs and enhanced comfort.  Then bring it up at every sales call.  Because I guarantee you, you’ll be in the minority.  Homeowners won’t know about the new standard, so take the time to explain how these new furnaces will provide more consistent temps and humidity control.  And how higher efficiency means lower monthly utility bills.

If you’re sending out a postcard reminder for a fall clean & check – and you darn well should be! – add a blurb about the new standard and ask customers to call for more information.  You could also write a short blog article for your website and post information on your social media linking to it.

When you go out of your way to provide useful information, you’re positioning yourself as an expert. Customers will view you as an authority and a valuable resource.  And what could be better than that?

Fast FER facts

Use these facts in your FER marketing.

  • FER stands for Fan Energy Rating
  • The new law went into effect on July 3, 2019.
  • The DOE developed FER in an effort to reduce energy consumption, specifically by targeting furnace fans.
  • The standard mandates a 46% watt reduction over conventional PSC motors.
  • The DOE estimates that the new law will reduce carbon pollution by 34 million metric tons over the next 10 years
  • A typical furnace fan uses about 10% of the total electricity in the average home.
  • The new standard will save $9 billion in home electricity bills by 2030.

Need help putting a flyer or social media post together?  Give the friendly folks at EB&L Marketing a holler at 315.685.9500.

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