How Many Customer Reviews Should I Have?

How Many Online Reviews Does My Company Need?

Welcome to 2024! Let’s face it, we are in tough economic times. Complaints about spending an arm and a leg at the grocery store are commonplace among friends, family, and coworkers. The good news is we’re all in this together. Here are some quick tips on customer reviews to get a leg up, not at the grocery store but on your competition in the HVAC space.

Due to the high prices we’re all facing, it makes sense that consumers are going to be extra choosy on who they spend their money with AND it’s not going to come down to just price! Because prices are high for everyone, the determining factor is going to be customer experience. What better way to find out how a company treats customers than reading their online reviews. 

So, how many online reviews do you need? Well, according to our very own Sean the SEO Specialist, “the idea of reviews is to get as many as you can.”  Of course he would say that! That’s like asking a company owner how much business they want – ALL OF IT! 

All kidding aside, there isn’t a magic number as to how many reviews you should have because it depends on factors like the size of your company, where you’re located, and how many services you offer. 

Here are some things to consider when you want to increase your online customer reviews: 

  • Consistency — maintain getting reviews consistently over time to show your company’s commitment to customer service. You can encourage ongoing feedback by checking in with customers a year after they left their first online review with you. 
  • Diversity of Feedback — having a variety of reviews that highlight different aspects of your HVAC services and products gives potential customers a complete understanding of what to expect. 
  • Engagement — it doesn’t matter who responds but whoever it is needs to do so in a timely and professional manner. Show how competent your company is even throughout the review process. 
  • Quality Over Quantity —  although quantity is important you don’t want a large number of generic reviews. In other words, do not ask your friends or family to leave reviews or use any other bright ideas you might have about a “quick fix.” Having a few positive, specific, and genuine online customer reviews will be more impactful than a bunch of fakes. So, spend your time ensuring your techs do a good job and then reach out to that happy customer so you can let everyone know what they can expect from your company.

Remember: the customer experience in 2024 is more important than ever and online customer reviews are a powerful way to help your company establish credibility, trust, and to expand its customer base.

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