HVAC Branding

We can’t state it more emphatically. BRANDING is THE most important part of your HVAC marketing strategy. It’s literally the bedrock.
Bedrock is what you build on. It’s that strong foundation that supports your business. Without it, you’re standing on shaky ground. Your logo, your story, your marketing message – they’re essential to your success. Because HVAC is not a sexy industry, and homeowners aren’t really interested in you unless they’re uncomfortable.

You’ve got to stand out.

Define who you are as a company, because if you don’t, you leave the door open for others to make their own assumptions about important things like –

  • who you are
  • what services you offer
  • what you stand for

There are a ton of plain white vans out there.  Don’t drive one. Drive a rolling billboard for your company!

You’re in luck, because at CHANGE we’re all about branding. We’ve been preaching it – and teaching it – and doing it better than anyone for 20+ years.


Your brand is the combination of your logo, your company story, your marketing message, and things like the colors, fonts, and look and feel of your marketing. All of these elements working together make up your brand.

Here’s the harsh truth: if your logo looks like an amateur drew it, then you look like an amateur. Your brand needs to define your company and tell your story. A professional graphic designer, one who understands HVAC, knows how to create a professional logo that looks as good on your trucks as it does on your website.

Hell yeah! A solid, recognizable brand will stand out among your local competition. It will help homeowners relate to you, trust you, and remember you when they need service. Advertise your brand by wrapping your trucks (your rolling billboards) and potential customers will start typing your company name into Google when they need service because they remember it,
instead of just a generic search for “AC repair near me.”

Good question! A longstanding logo has value because it’s recognizable to local customers. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it. We can give it a brand refresh. (Major corporations do it all the time.) We have strategies to polish up that old logo or create a whole new one if together we determine that’s the best course of action for your company.