HVAC and Hairspray

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HVAC and Hairspray

I thought about you, my beloved HVAC Contractors, while buying hair spray this weekend. No, seriously. Hear me out. Here’s the story:

We were in a hurry to get to an event, so my partner and I ripped our list in half at the grocery store entrance and headed off in different directions. I had written down “hairspray” on what ended up being on Marc’s half of the list. Since Marc has little experience with women’s haircare products, and little hair himself, he was a bit lost. As I zipped past him in the pasta aisle he asked, “What brand of hairspray did you want?”

Geez, I thought, I can’t remember what brand it is. I just look for the can I recognize and toss it in my cart.

“It’s a tall, bright green can with a blue swish across it and a blue cap,” I shouted over my shoulder as I sprinted towards the produce section.

When we met at the checkout, Marc handed me the correct can of hairspray. “Great!” I said. “You found it ok?”

“No problem,” he said smiling proudly (while he silently calculated his good boyfriend points). “I picked it right out from your description. It stood out from all the other cans.”

See where I’m going with this?

HVAC is like hairspray. It’s not something you’re excited about buying. But you need it. What makes one brand different from the dozens of others on the shelf? They all do basically the same thing, right?

The answer: recognizable, consistent branding!

I’ll admit that I picked this brand of hairspray years ago merely because it stood out. Not because I knew much about the product or what it could do for me. But the packaging looked much cooler than the others on the shelf. I tried it, I liked it, I stuck with it. I don’t even try other brands now. I go right to this one. And I can find it easily because it’s well branded. It always looks the same.

Branding includes the colors, the fonts, the look, the feel, the logo and so many other elements that imprint on a consumer’s mind. That’s why branding consistency is SO important. When you consider that a consumer needs to see your company logo/name 8 times before they even remember it, you can see why your logo and your colors should always look the same.

As consumers sit in traffic next to your wrapped vehicles (rolling billboards!), or receive your postcard, your brand makes an imprint on them. Later, when they need service, they’ll go looking for an HVAC company and they’ll pick yours because it rings a bell with them. Either consciously or subconsciously. If your logo or colors are different everywhere they appear, then you’re completely sabotaging yourself.

Don’t let marketing suppliers (sign printers, uniform silkscreeners, website designers, etc.) mess with your logo! Invest in a logo and brand that sets you apart and then stick with it. And while you’re at it, stay away from the typical HVAC marketing message of “We’re family-owned,” because that’s what everyone says!!! You’re looking to differentiate yourself. Find something unique about your company or your services or your personality, or your mission, and hang a light on it.

Be that can of hairspray that stands out on the shelf! Be the HVACspray!

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