Marketing Plans

Yes. You need one.

Custom marketing plans help well established dealers develop a solid marketing strategy, annual calendar and budget to guide your marketing decisions.  A CHANGE HVAC marketing expert will meet with you and take you through a 7-step process to determine your specific marketing needs and goals.  The consultation includes a meeting with a marketing specialist (in person or via video call), and a written marketing plan.  CHANGE HVAC can also implement your plan and provide a custom analytic dashboard to track all your marketing.

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All marketing should be driven by your company goals.

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A marketing plan is essential for the growth of your HVAC company. A well-constructed, strategic plan defines your goals and the tasks required to reach them. It also keeps your marketing on track, and provides you with an annual budget, so you won’t have any surprise expenses throughout the year.  A marketing plan keeps you from doing “reactive marketing.”

The knee-jerk marketing that’s so common in HVAC.  Instead of following a strategic, proactive plan, you find yourself reacting to all the marketing “opportunities” that present themselves to you throughout the year.  (If this sounds familiar, you need a marketing plan!)

We’ll discuss your company in general and your goals.

We’ll review your website and your current marketing efforts.

We’ll talk about your target market and define your best prospects.

We’ll answer any questions you have about HVAC marketing!

The marketing consultation is $750 and includes a 2 -3 hour meeting, the research, brainstorming and creation of your custom plan, a follow up meeting to review and refine your plan, and a PDF copy of your plan and budget.

Company owner/s and anyone who works on marketing or advertising for your company.  It’s also a great idea to invite your distributor Account Manager to the meeting, since they have insight into the local market.

How do I book a meeting or get more info?
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