New Book on HVAC Marketing!

New Guide to HVAC Marketing Now Available

From author Elaina Wellstead Wellstead

What if you could learn to stop marketing your HVAC business in a reactive way (meaning: with knee jerk decisions)?  And what if you could discover how to effectively promote your company in 7 simple, easy-to-follow steps?

If you’re an HVAC dealer who is tired of spending marketing dollars in all the wrong places, with poor ROI and few leads, then you’ll want to grab a cuppa joe and my new book:

Marketing Schmarketing: How to Market Your HVAC Business

Most contractors can fix a furnace with their hands tied behind their backs, but let’s face it – many of you struggle with how to properly market your companies.  Marketing takes time, focus, and expertise that just aren’t part of the average contractor’s day.   Marketing Schmarketing: How to Market Your HVAC Business provides step-by-step instructions on goal setting, branding, websites, online marketing, and a host of other topics.  The book is also full of tips and best practices on subjects like effective use of co-op dollars, online reviews, and guerilla marketing.

My goal in writing the book was to provide contractors with a framework for developing their own company marketing plan.  We start with setting goals and then applying marketing strategy to those goals.  We also cover the tasks, budgeting, timelines, and tracking mechanisms that go into an effective marketing plan.

And just to keep things fun…

In addition to helpful HVAC marketing advice, I included a few amusing stories from my two decades of travels to HVAC conferences and training events.  It’s possible a few industry people might recognize themselves in them.  Of course, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.  (And the not-so-innocent!)  You can find these stories in between chapters, and there’s a marketing lesson for each one.

The glossy, 100-page, instructional book is a quick read and an excellent reference manual for HVAC company owners and marketing personnel.

Marketing Schmarketing: How to Market Your HVAC Business is available on Amazon.  Order your copy today!  Here’s the link:


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