Organic Social Media Reach is Dead but Still Here

Organic Social Media Reach is Dead but Still Here

Like zombies, mullets and clove cigarettes organic reach is dead, but still here.  Actually, it’s most like zombies because if you don’t pay attention to it you might get bit.

We all read the HVAC marketing articles and listen to the industry experts.  The message is “you MUST be on social media.”  Get on facebook! Tweet the things! Post the stuff!  But why spend the time? Someone a little less practical will tell you that your social media efforts will create organic reach and create leads.  But here’s the truth:  It won’t.  At least not by itself.

First let’s define Organic Reach: A process by which people find you extra great on the internet and buy your things or services without you spending a dime in advertising.

“Check out the organic reach on that ductless system” said no person ever.

Gone are the days when you could drum up business by standing out with an organic social media campaign.  Welcome to the days of “OMG, they don’t even have facebook?!?”  Although people may not want to follow their plumber on facebook, they do want to know their plumber has a facebook presence.

Allow me to outline the challenges with organic reach, big and small.

Small problem.  It doesn’t work.  No one is going to buy your product or service because you have a facebook page with really clever stuff on it.  No one is going to read your promotional tweet and call you up for a quote.  And before you write me a heartfelt email about how one time your Aunt Gloria bought her cat a brand-new sweater after seeing a very cute meme on Pinterest, when I say “no one” I mean not enough people to matter.

Big problem.  You have to do it anyway.  Stop frowning and unknit your eyebrows.  Here’s the deal.  Organic social media efforts most likely will not get you leads.  But not having a social presence can certainly keep you from getting phone calls and site traffic.  Having a strong SM presence legitimizes your brand.  Also, paid social media can get you leads and works much better when supported by a strong, non-paid presence.

Having platforms where your customers can reach you, talk about you and even complain about you if they so choose creates a trust relationship that you just can’t get from a website or paper mailer.  It inherently creates a consequence to your actions that comforts customers.  If you come into their house, muddy their carpets and kick their dog you better be sure FB, twitter and insta will hear about it.  Of course, we never want bad press but remember it’s all about your client’s perspective of your accountability.

Paid social advertising works.  But it can easily fail when the only thing on your social pages is ads.  Customers don’t want to feel baited into a trap.  They want to feel informed of an opportunity.  So, when they land on your FB page after seeing an ad for a discounted clean and check, they want to see that you are who you say you are.  Images of employees, work events and recently completed jobs go a long way to legitimize your message and place in your customers’ community.   So, post them.  At least once a week, if not more.

You live near your service areas, right?  Show your neighbors they can trust you.

Written by: Team Member Jeannie Steinbuch

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