Traditional top-of-mind advertising needs to be handled much differently for our industry than it does for other service industries or big national brands, like McDonalds® and Target®. (Aside from the ga-gillions of dollars they have to spend on them!) There are ways to strategically target consumers in your local for HVAC services. (And we know them!)

So while it’s super tempting to jump on the “special deal” your local radio or TV rep approaches you with, it may not be the best use of your budget.

CHANGE HVAC can help direct and facilitate your top-of-mind media buys in billboard, TV, radio and print. In most cases we can also leverage our media relationships on a national level to help you get the best deal in your market.

Local newspaper advertising works for many businesses and affordably targets your regional geographic market, so you can connect with a wide community of people who are interested in and likely to buy your products or services. Buying into local newspapers benefits you with great exposure to a motivated audience and helps increase brand awareness, product sales, service calls, and repeat business!

Radio stations have 24 hours of air time to fill with content. Consider offering up your voice as the local HVAC expert. Drop off a bio and company information along with a note, letting them know that you are available for any home improvement shows or call-in segments.