Too busy to breathe? It’s the perfect time to advertise!

Early bird catch the fish

Too busy to breathe? It’s the perfect time to advertise!

I know, I know.  You’re busy.  You can barely keep up.  Why in the world would you do any marketing NOW?!?  Let me answer that question with a question:  Why do you get up at 4am to go fishing?  Answer:  Because that’s when they’re biting.

If this is the year you’ve decided to seriously build up your customer base, plan to advertise in season.  Why?

Because HVAC is not sexy, folks.  Homeowners don’t want to think about you – unless they’re too hot, too cold, or something is broken.  And that happens…you guessed it… in season.

So if you advertise in season, how do you avoid drowning in the wave of calls that will come in while you’re at your busiest?  With a little planning.  Make a plan to reach out to your existing customers pre-season, so that you can get them taken care of before the phone starts ringing on the first 90-degree day.  The last thing we want to do is turn away existing customers because we’re too tied up with new ones.

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