Wading into the Stream — Navigating OTT Advertising

Wading into the Stream — Navigating OTT Advertising

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The HVAC community works hard. Way too much of the work falls on the company’s owner. And after a long hard day fixing mistakes and dealing with install problems, he comes home, sits down, and turns on his big-screen 40-inch tube television.

Of course, first, he must give the cable box a few taps to get the proper settings. “Ah, I’m so glad I upgraded my cable to get ESPN. This is going to be a great game. The Montreal Expos are going to kick ass this season” – Mr. HVAC Contractor.

But it always seems like just as he sits down, his beeper goes off. It’s time to print out some mapquest directions and hop back in the truck for another after-hours emergency call. He crosses his fingers and hopes the system just needs more freon.

Wait. It’s not 1998. You don’t have a tube television or a cable box. The Montreal Expos no longer exist! And that’s not what you do after work? Yeah, it is not what homeowners do after work either. That means when we want them to notice us, we need to meet them where they are. It’s time to join the cord cutter community.

Entertainment is weaved into our lives now. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc. Are all ready to show us the exact content we are looking for on whatever device is available. And devices are always available.

OTT video advertising is creating awesome opportunities for HVAC contractors.

– Advertising on streaming platforms costs less than a local cable TV spot.

– It’s highly targeted. You can choose zip code, home value, home age, and family income in most locations when you consider where your ads will run.

– Placement near national brands. Steaming networks mix local ads and national ads at a better ratio than cable ever did. You are likely to see your ad right before or after a national brand’s video.

– Clear reporting means you will see exactly who watched your videos.

– Employees love seeing the companies they work for advertised on streaming networks. It’s a massive boon to company culture!

Please take a look at the types of videos we create and stream for our clients. www.changehvac.com/online-video

Questions, comments? Want us to page you on your beeper? Kidding! Shoot us a message at info@changehvac.com. We love to talk shop.

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