WTF are #Hashtags?

WTF are #Hashtags?

At some point you’ve probably asked yourself, what the heck are hashtags? Or maybe, why would I need to use them as an HVAC company?

Well here’s a few reasons:

Hashtags are used like a search engine or a catalog on social media platforms, so they are helpful when users are looking for posts about the same thing. For example, if I wanted to see posts about #HVACLife, I can search specifically for that hashtag and I will find thousands of images that relate to that hashtag.

People typically perform searches using hashtags in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. When they read posts that contain hashtags, they are more likely to click the hashtag to see other related posts on the topic. It has been proven that posts with hashtags get much more interaction than posts without hashtags. Without hashtags, it’s easy for your posts to be seen once and then lost in the algorithm.

  • Think of hashtags like keywords for your website. You want to pick the ones that are most relevant and get the most use.
  • Hashtags are also used as topics or categories. They clarify what an image means or what the person is talking about in their post.
  • They can help your business gain exposure and gain followers quickly, as long as you use them appropriately. Meaning, they should describe your photo content and be related to your brand and business.

Posts that include hashtags and tag a well-known handle (username), for example a brand like #MitsubishiElectric (hashtag) and @mitsubishielectric (username), will increase your exposure. Be consistent with tagging and engagement. The more visible you are to that brand, the more likely they are to engage with you. And when a big brand engages with you, it will boost your rankings and that is the ultimate way to use social media platforms.

Follow these tips to help when you are posting a photo or status update on your social media pages:

  • Make sure you include the symbol # before any word
  • Do not include any spaces in the hashtag #makearunonsentence
  • Each time you post a photo, think about what hashtags correctly represent your post
  • Create your own brand hashtag and use it consistently when you post (like Nike’s #justdoit)
  • Don’t use too many hashtags. Use 2-3 hashtags per post for best engagement

In the end, don’t overthink it – just have fun with it, and remember a hashtag can be whatever you want it to be. Ultimately, when your customers interact with your social media they are looking to get to know your company – not just your promotions and equipment photos – they want to see that you are human too. So be relatable, engage with people who comment, and always take advantage of hashtags when you can.

Written by: Sally Moore, Lion Tamer

Sally likes using a #hashtag

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