What is a brand anyway?
Your brand is your logo, but it’s so much more than your logo.
It’s the look, the feel, the colors, the fonts, the theme and the marketing message. All of this together makes up your brand. Your brand separates you from the pack. It’s what your customers recognize. It’s how they learn to trust you and ultimately why they’ll spend money with you. You should develop a solid brand for your company before you do anything else! It’s the most important, foundational element of your company marketing.

But here’s what you shouldn’t do: don’t use the same tired, old HVAC themes. “We’re family-owned,” “We’re trustworthy!” “We do quality work!” Unfortunately, folks, that’s what everyone says. Even the most fly-by-night contractor claims they do quality work. Choose a brand and message that sets you apart.

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Written by: Elaina Wellstead

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