How to Make your HVAC Postcards More Effective

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How to Make your HVAC Postcards More Effective!

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: postcards are still an effective, economical and easy way to promote your HVAC business. You just have to make sure you’re doing it professionally, and with a sound strategy and goal.

Use postcards to market to existing customers AT LEAST twice a year. Existing customers provide the best return on investment and help build referral and repeat business. It’s important to capitalize on your existing customer database.

Use postcards to introduce your company to new prospects in season. That’s when the fish are biting.

Here are some tips to make your postcard advertising more effective:

• It’s all about the design!! A lot of postcards end up in the trash, so you want something that grabs consumer attention!
• Create a headline that relates to the season and catches their eye. It could be a play on words or direct and to the point. This will depend on your company personality.
• People want to know how your service or product will help them. So make sure you clearly tell them!
• Keep it simple. Focus on one main promotion instead of cramming the postcard full of offers. In marketing we say: if everything is important, then nothing is important.
• Track it. Add a call tracking number to the card or send them to your website to schedule their appointment. The idea is to track how well it’s performing for you so that you know how to improve it.
• Consider running a digital campaign at the same time with the same promotion with online retargeting ads, or on your social platforms, to maximize your results.
• Consistency is key — if customers receive your postcard every Spring and Fall, it will become a habit to call you once they receive your card.
• Your database is a goldmine and must be kept clean!! As undelivered mail is returned to you, it’s very important to update your database before the next postcard drop.

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