HVAC Marketing’s Low Hanging Fruit

hvac marketing low hanging fruit

Existing Customers are the LHF!

Existing customers are the low hanging fruit, folks.  They’re the easiest people to market to, they’re the cheapest people to market to and you’ll receive the best return from marketing to them.

Roughly 80% of your business will come from existing customers.  You’ll spend the majority of your marketing dollars trying to capture that other 20%.

So why do we overlook existing customers?  Often, one of our HVAC marketing specialists will sit down to do a marketing consultation with a 2nd or 3rd generation contractor and learn that they have 20,000 or 30,000 customers in their database – and they’ve never reached out to these customers.

To say this is a missed opportunity would be an egregious understatement!

Existing customers need to hear from you because the sad truth is customers are not as loyal as they once were.  Just because you did the furnace install doesn’t guarantee you will be doing the service.

Don’t assume that the lady you installed ductless for last year knows that you also do plumbing.  She doesn’t. Don’t assume that the nice young couple you did a gas conversion for knows that you also do insulation. They don’t. Make sure they are aware of the full breadth of your services by cross marketing to them.

When should you market to existing customers?  Pre-season!  Get these folks taken care of before you head into your busy season.  That way you won’t be turning them away while you’re busy servicing new customers, in-season.

Need ideas or help reaching out to your existing customers?  Give us a shout.  We love to talk shop! 315-685-9500

Written by: Elaina Wellstead

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