(n) The persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of change.

Humans fear change.

That’s just baked into our DNA. We tend to settle in and get really comfortable with what we know.  So when we’re faced with taking a divergent path, and we can’t foresee the outcome, our brains begin to imagine all kinds of scenarios of what might – or might not! – happen. Causing us to worry and feel like we’ve lost control. Scary stuff, right?

This probably explains why there are so many bad HVAC logos out there!

I’m kidding around here, but also pretty serious. The prospect of introducing change into your company and the upheaval it will cause can be anxiety-inducing at best and debilitating at worst.  In our 20 years in HVAC marketing we’ve watched many contractors balk at the suggestion of new company branding.  They dig their heels in and stick with logos they don’t even like!  Maybe they inherited the logo when they bought the company from their Dad or uncle. Or they don’t want to insult their grandpa, who started the business 60 years ago.  Or maybe they’re afraid their customers won’t recognize them anymore if they change it, even though it’s woefully outdated and irrelevant. 

Change is disruptive.

Heck, yeah, it is. But if you can push past that unsettled feeling in your stomach and embrace it, you will grow.  We say that with the confidence of having watched small HVAC companies double in size, and large companies prosper in ways they hadn’t imagined. 

We say it having just CHANGEd ourselves from EB&L Marketing to CHANGE HVAC Marketing.

That’s not to say you should just change for the sake of it.  But you should consider how you’re marketing your HVAC company right now, and whether you are open to trying new and different strategies and mediums than you have in the past.  Because our industry and your customers are evolving at a dizzying pace, and the truth is that most contractors aren’t keeping up.

If you’re ready for a little positive disruption, give us a holler.  We’ll never ask you to change who you are and what you believe, but we may ask you to accept being a little uncomfortable for a while.  We may encourage you to look at things that are knee-capping your growth, like not having a digital marketing or social media strategy.  Or that slow, 8-year-old website you know is outdated but you’re ignoring for now.  We may suggest things like tossing out that logo and re-wrapping your trucks with a new brand identity that gets your company noticed because it’s disruptive

Our industry has proven that we can adapt and thrive in the face of unprecedented and unspeakably difficult times. If ever there was a time to consider changing how you market your HVAC company this, my friends, is it.  

Don’t fear CHANGE.

Welcome it into your shop and embrace it. 

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