Resolution Execution

new year's resolutions

Resolution Execution

Resolve to make a marketing plan for your HVAC company.

We’re well into the first quarter.  Raise your hand if you’ve already skipped a day at the gym.  Or ate the chocolate.  Or forgot to call your Mom.  And you didn’t really want to give up that nightly glass of wine anyway, did you?

Resolutions are a good way to bid farewell to the holiday calories and overspending and kick start the new year.  But this year, why not make a resolution that you can keep?  What if you decide that this is the year to grow your HVAC business?  What if you resolve to create a marketing plan for your company?

It’s not hard to do.

Just write down your goals.    

What do you want to accomplish this year?  Write down 4 to 5 goals.  Make sure your goals are specific and measurable (example: “I want more service agreements” is a good goal, but “I want 300 more service agreements by year end” is an even better goal).

List what you need to do to accomplish each goal.

If your goal is to get 300 more service agreements, then you know you’ve got to promote them on every phone call and every service call.  You’ll need to do some internal training.  You’ll need a nice brochure explaining the benefits and costs.  You’ll also need to promote them on your website.  Turn these into action items.  Do this for each of your goals.

Make a schedule for each of your marketing tasks.

This will help you know when you need to take action and when you’ll be spending money throughout the year.  Schedule marketing that reaches out to existing customers in shoulder seasons.  Market to potential new customers in-season.

Give yourself a budget.

Allow 4 – 6% of gross sales for moderate growth.  8 – 10% for more aggressive growth.

Track your efforts.

Make sure you use call tracking phone numbers on your promotions, track your email blasts, and look at your online reports to see how your marketing is doing.  This is the data you’ll use to make better marketing decisions next year.

Start now on the execution of your resolution.  And make this the year you take your business to the next level!

Need help?  The friendly folks at EB&L Marketing are happy to answer your questions and help you with your plan.  Just give them a call today at 315.685.9500

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