Ride Along with Your Tech, Without Ever Leaving Your Shop

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Ride Along with Your Tech, without Ever Leaving Your Shop!

Guest Blogger: Andrew Chermark, President, Smart Fleet

Initially used for security purposes – to locate stolen vehicles or assets – GPS systems have evolved into an HVAC business owner’s must-have productivity tool. You’re busy. Your dispatcher is busy. Your techs are busy. We’re all looking for ways to be more efficient.

What if you could be notified when a vehicle of yours has been in idle for thirty minutes, if it’s driving when it’s not supposed to, or if it needs an oil change? Would that help you get the most out of your vehicles? Would that improve your company’s overall efficiency?

Sure, sounds pretty great. But you’re probably wondering how the technology works. Let’s start with the basics: All GPS tracking ­– whether it be a navigator in your car or a compact tracking device – works off the satellites in our skies, utilizing them to triangulate exact latitude and longitude information. This information is then sent to cloud-based servers with concurrence to a cellular network. Once in the cloud, the information is then presented as a web-based software solution, accessible through any device with internet capabilities. This whole process takes only a few seconds, populating live updates of your GPS and in turn your vehicle’s real-time location.

In addition to providing real-time location, GPS tracking is also able to give you alerts and reports based on the user’s preferences. For example, here at Smart Fleet, you can schedule automated reports that come directly to your email to help confirm billable hours or even streamline your payroll process. Our devices can record speeding parameters, after-hours movements, excessive idling and maintenance checks and alert you of them.

These alerts put you in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet without you ever having to step foot outside your office. As long as you have a cell phone on hand, you can get text and/or email alerts for what’s going on within your fleet.

So if you’re looking to make your payroll process easier, have the security of knowing where your vehicles are at all times, improve customer satisfaction and wait times, or you want to save money on gas by creating alerts to help you curb idling, GPS tracking is the tool to help you.

andrew chermark, smartfleetFor the past decade, Andrew Chermark and the staff at Smart Fleet have been helping HVAC owners, dispatchers and fleet managers get the most of their GPS tracking devices. We combine the latest GPS technology, backed by a reliable manufacturer, with the accountability and dependability of a small, friendly, family-owned business.

To get more information on our tracking systems visit us at www.smartfleetusa.com and give us a call at 732-722-7725. We’ll be more than happy to discuss how GPS can help your fleet and your bottom line.

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