Say hello to CHANGE.

We did it.  We rebranded ourselves.  And man, it feels really good.  Not to say that it was easy. Because it was wasn’t.  As anyone who’s ever reinvented their company brand knows, it was super difficult.  It took months and months of research, concepting, designing and endless, headache-inducing team meetings.  We didn’t just explore each potential name or logo design, we agonized over every subtle nuance of the fonts, the colors and the message behind it all.  And here’s where we landed:


Why change, but also why “CHANGE”? 

We changed our brand because our Tra-Digital (traditional and digital) marketing company is evolving and growing, and we needed to shine a spotlight on that.  With our expanding digital department, growing staff and new educational offerings – like online HVAC marketing courses – we’d simply outgrown our old brand. 

EB&L Marketing had become like those old work boots you’ve been wearing forever, and keep hanging onto, because they’re so darn comfortable and familiar.  It can be tough to let go of something that’s been a part of your work uniform, your very identity, for so many years. But our boots were showing some serious wear and tear.  So before our socks started getting wet, we decided to get a shiny new pair.   

We chose CHANGE HVAC Marketing because the name itself encompasses our mission.  We will change the way our clients promote their HVAC companies, and they will prosper as a result.    

CHANGE is also a directive to our prospective clients.  In order to grow, they’ll need to change the way they do things.  And that’s hard.  Some won’t want to do it.  The ones who do, who embrace change in all its messy, anxiety-producing glory, will grow beyond measure.

Growth requires change.  

If we expect our clients to entrust us with their marketing, we need to follow our own advice and adapt with the times. 

We are beyond excited to bring you CHANGE HVAC Marketing.

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