Does your HVAC website need an SSL Certificate for security?

SSL Certificate

Does your HVAC website need an SSL Certificate for security?


Think about walking up to your favorite coffee shop and seeing a large sign on the door that says, “MAY OR MAY NOT BE SAFE TO ENTER.” Would you chance walking through that door? Or just go to another coffee shop?

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.” It’s a small file that when placed on a website’s server, authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts information that users send to that server. Encryption scrambles the user’s information making it impossible to read without a proper decryption key.

Why haven’t I heard of SSL Certificates before?

Traditionally having a website secured by an SSL Certificate was only recommended for websites that collect banking information. This is no longer the case. Authorities on the web (like Google, hosting companies and internet service providers) have all started prioritizing websites with SSLs.

Do I need to install an SSL Certificate on my website?

Yes. Ideally, anyone interested in owning a user-friendly website should install an SSL Certificate. The good news is that it’s easy to do, and relatively inexpensive.

What happens if I don’t get an SSL Certificate?

Internet browsers like Chrome will now alert users that your website is not secure when they try to visit you. Your visitors will see a notice like the scary one below. Yikes!

Does an SSL Certificate affect my SEO ranking?

Search engines like to see that a site is secure. Having a secure site is part of the many metrics Google uses to decide what sites are relevant on the web.

How do I get one and how much does it cost?

Installing the SSL is completely hands-off for you and does not involve any downtime for your website. The price is a one-time installation fee of $220.00, with a yearly renewal fee of $100.00. Give us a call at 315.685.9500 to get started today.

How will my website change after the SSL Certificate is installed?

The only visible change you’ll notice will be the addition of: “Secure https://” and the symbol of a padlock in the space before your website url, like below.

Your website visitors won’t receive the alarming message shown above, and they’ll know that your site is safe to visit.


Call EB&L Marketing today to get your SSL Certificate at 315.685.9500 or feel free to email with any additional questions. We are happy to help!

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