What are Good Tracking Results?

Google analytics and call tracking results

What are Good Tracking Results?

We are often asked questions about what constitutes a good tracking result. Contractors want to know how many people should be coming to their website every month, or how many people should be calling or clicking through to their website from an email or a postcard. My answer is always the same: More than last time. (Or last month, or last year.)

Use services like Google Analytics and call tracking phone numbers to establish a baseline for all your marketing efforts –– and then continually work to improve those results. Yes, of course there are average industry results. But don’t worry about them. Everyone’s market, location, customer base and goals are so different. We can’t expect a contractor in downtown Chicago to have the same number of website visitors as one in rural Kentucky. Just focus on your own results over time and you’ll begin to recognize what is working well for you, and what isn’t. Then you can use that data to make good marketing decisions moving forward.

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Written by: Elaina Wellstead

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