Wrap it up!

Wrap it up! 

Do your company vans stop traffic?  Do your box trucks turn heads?  Do customers tell you that they called you because they saw your truck while they were sitting in traffic?  If not, you have a golden opportunity right in front of you.

Your vans, box trucks and company vehicles are a source of profit for you.  You’ve invested loads of dough in shelving and racking kits and maybe even installed GPS tracking.   So why would you drive around in white vans, with a bit of lettering and your logo on the door?

Your vehicles are one of the first impressions consumers will have of your company.

Put them to work for you by wrapping them with a colorful and eye-catching design.  Yes, you should hire a professional designer, and yes, it’s going to cost you anywhere from $3000 – $4000 to wrap each one in your fleet (depending on the size of the wrap, design and installer).  Bur consider this, when you rent a traditional roadside billboard you’ll pay this much, or much more, for just a month.  When you wrap your vehicles, they become billboards you invest in once, and reap the benefits for as long as you drive them.

Remember, you’re competing for attention with every other HVAC contractor out there.  And you’re selling products and services that aren’t exactly top-of-mind with consumers.  So it’s super important that you stand out.

So what should your vehicle wrap look like?

  1. It should support your brand and match the color and fonts and overall look of your website. Ideally, a consumer sees your eye-catching van and then finds you online. But if your logo looks different on your website than it does on your van, and your colors are not the same, it’s going to cause confusion.  “Is that the same company?” they’ll wonder.  At the very least they’re going to think, this company doesn’t have their act together.
  2. Your van should also show your website. Big and bold.  Phone numbers are difficult to remember, but your web address is easier to retain.
  3. Your van design should very clearly show what you do! Don’t leave people guessing about what services you offer.  Humans remember graphics and photos and retain them much longer than words.  So just printing “heating and air conditioning” on your vehicles doesn’t cut it.  You have to show it visually.
  4. And of course, if you want to use co-op funds, then you’ll need to add your manufacturer’s logo to your design. (Make sure you get the design approved BEFORE you have the wrap installed on the vehicle.)

There’s a lot of white vans out there folks.  Make sure you’re not driving one.

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